Round Trip Volunteering is the outcome of an international project called 'When volunteering Meets Media: MediAfrica,' coordinated by Solidarités Jeunesses, which united European and African international volunteering organisations for a year and a half.

It is a participative web-documentary that brings together the work of amateurs and professionals, volunteers and employees from the organisations involved in MediAfrica.

Like a borderless utopia in the land of volunteering, the ambition of Round Trip Volunteering is to deconstruct stereotypes around volunteering, volunteering in Africa, and stereotypes about Africa itself. To achieve this, our primary material is the encounter.

An object to raise curiosity or a prelude to departure, Round Trip Volunteering presents itself to the web user as an invitation to a journey. We can't guarantee that this journey will always be comfortable, because every encounter may become confronting - for one's self and for the others. Some of your senses will be stimulated. For some others, you will have to take the step from the virtual to the real world.

This project has developed over four phases:

June 2017 - France
Initiation to different media (photo, video, sound) and facilitation of media education workshops.

August 2017 - Tanzania
Questioning the representations we can have about volunteering in Africa in order to deconstruct the stereotypes identified.

November 2017 - Uganda
Initiation of African participants in communication (strategy). Project support.

January / May 2018 - Paris
Selection of projects
Storytelling and construction of the web-documentary.
Uploading and launching of an international promotion campaign of volunteerism in Africa.

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