Round Trip Volunteering is the outcome of an international project called 'When volunteering Meets Media: MediAfrica,' coordinated by Solidarités Jeunesses, which united European and African international volunteering organisations for a year and a half.

It is a participative web-documentary that brings together the work of amateurs and professionals, volunteers and employees from the organisations involved in MediAfrica.

Like a borderless utopia in the land of volunteering, the ambition of Round Trip Volunteering is to deconstruct stereotypes around volunteering, volunteering in Africa, and stereotypes about Africa itself. To achieve this, our primary material is the encounter.

An object to raise curiosity or a prelude to departure, Round Trip Volunteering presents itself to the web user as an invitation to a journey. We can't guarantee that this journey will always be comfortable, because every encounter may become confronting - for one's self and for the others. Some of your senses will be stimulated. For some others, you will have to take the step from the virtual to the real world.

This project has developed over four phases:

June 2017 - France
Initiation to different media (photo, video, sound) and facilitation of media education workshops.

August 2017 - Tanzania
Questioning the representations we can have about volunteering in Africa in order to deconstruct the stereotypes identified.

November 2017 - Uganda
Initiation of African participants in communication (strategy). Project support.

January / May 2018 - Paris
Selection of projects
Storytelling and construction of the web-documentary.
Uploading and launching of an international promotion campaign of volunteerism in Africa.



The CCIVS is an International Non Governmental Org. engaged in the field of International Voluntary Service, created under the aegis of UNESCO in 1948. CCIVS’ main focus is the quest to achieve ‘change in the minds of men’ by bringing together people of different backgrounds. Its mission is the promotion and development of the voluntary service movement on the national, regional and international levels in the contemporary world. It supports and develops projects based on the idea that working together on a concrete task is the most effective way of creating international friendship and understanding.  

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation. It represents national voluntary service organisations that promote intercultural understanding, peace, democratic participation and equality, in the spirit of respect for universal human rights.
The Alliance, founded in 1982, is presently made up of 50 members from 28 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Each member organisation runs an annual programme of International Volunteer Projects in their own country and exchanges volunteers with each other following the Alliance Quality Charter. Every year an average of 13.000 young volunteers participate in more than 1200 local community projects organised by member organisations.

Les associations européennes


JAVVA is a non-profit association active since 1999. It hosts every year a hundred of youth from all over the world in local development project in Belgium and gives to a hundred of youth the opportunity to participate to international volunteering projects abroad.


Scottish Non-Governmental Youth-Led Charity making positive change in society. Volunteer Abroad, Local Projects & Global Education. #DoSomethingDifferent

We are a voluntary organisation that sends local people abroad to volunteer and brings international volunteers to Scotland to collaborate in different local projects.

Our aim is :

*to create first class international volunteering opportunities that energises communities and innovative projects across Scotland through incoming international volunteers.
* To create a new generation of globally active Scottish citizens through international voluntary service and to support them to make an impact at home.
* To put Scotland at the forefront of global social change by forging links across national boundaries and empowering communities everywhere.
* To put those creating a platform for Social Change in touch with those who have the energy and desire to make change happen.


COCAT (Coordinadora d’Organitzadors de Camps de Treball de Catalunya )is the Coordination Platform of Workamp Organizers of Catalonia, a platform of youth organizations: Cruc, Fundació Pere Tarrés, Fundació Escolta Josep Carol, and RAI, with the aim of coordinating workcamps in Catalonia, as a tool for personal development among the youth and local development for the communities where workcamps take place.

The members of COCAT, as entities with a participative and socialworking base as we are, want to foster workcamps as a tool of international voluntary service to potentiate cultural exchange. Web et for the spreading of the awareness of Catalonia among youngsters from all over the world, from the singularity which represents it and knowing the social and cultural reality of Catalonia.

COCAT wants to promote that every workcamp has the principles of transversality, autonomy and reciprocity, in order to potentiate the active and decisive participation of beneficiaries during all the process of development of the projects.
COCAT also wants to potentiate a direct relationship of youngsters from different social, cultural and geographical realities and entities. Always working from the values of interculturality, conflict transformation and peace culture, sustainable development, and finally having activism and creative expression as a tool of participation and transformation


Solidarités Jeunesses (SJ) is a non-formal education national movement that values voluntary commitment, strong political will, and social solidarity as its core principles.
Our course of action is influenced by our ideal vision of a society where progress is social. Respect for human beings and the environment is a fundamental and shared value, and the freedom to choose, to dream, and to resist is innate and encouraged by all.
Our activities are organised for all, regardless of gender, social and cultural background, or nationality. Since its creation, SJ participates in the construction and maintenance of peace by promoting intercultural and international social connections in France and abroad. SJ works through participative pedagogy which supports initiative and personal commitment,and combines the skills and intelligences of all our volunteers, active members and staff. SJ has been working in partnership with national and international networks (Cotravaux, CNAJEP, CCIVS, and Alliance) for several decades.


Egyesek Youth Association is a community of active youth and young professionals.
The aim of our activities is that – we, young people – explore our own strengths and resources using them consciously to fulfill our personal and professional life. To reach that we do trainings and volunteer activities. Our activity is focused on the non-formal personal development of youth and young adults, in Hungarian and international context. We organise youth exchanges, voluntary service programs, trainings for youth leaders and peer educators, summer camps and thematic wekends, as well as support volunteering which serves learning and personal development. We are also internationally connected and supported from abroad.

YAP Italia is a non-profit organization active in the field of international workcamps, seminars, trainings, mid-term and long-term volunteering through European Voluntary Service and awareness-raising campaigns. YAP Italia organizes and promotes EVS as a mean to build a society of solidarity, peace, and support to the development of local communities.

Les associations africaines


CIVS Kenya is a community development organization fighting poverty through various Volunteering and Community Development programs in Kenya. Volunteering with CIVS Kenya provides you with the chance to share your skills and make a difference. Our Community Development Program focuses on the areas of Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Vulnerable Children & HIV/AIDS, Good Governance and Emergency Relief and thus improves the lives of the most vulnerable community members.

GVDA is a non profit organization working since 1997 to build global citizens by enhancing of ideas and bringing people together, through various cultural exchange and voluntary programs.

Its mission is to build the spirit of voluntarism which contributes to sustainable human and community development and encouraging partnership in caring of the environment by inspiring our universal vision

GVDA aims at promoting and organizing voluntary service activities in co-operation with local communities as well as national and international organizations as a mean to foster greater confidence between people of different social cultural, political or religious background by working learning and living together.

The mission of KVDA is to promote peace, and understanding through international volunteerism combined with locally-driven, sustainable development. We believe that powerful personal and global change happens when people work together, build cross-cultural friendships, and mobilize their resources to support development against dependence.


Uganda Pioneers’ Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation. It focuses on offering youths the opportunity to contribute to community development by involving them in community projects, workcamps and international volunteer exchange. With the motto “Together we shape the future”, UPA believes that involving youths can make a difference in development, bridge gaps between peoples, enhance co-operation and break down institutional barriers. 

UVDA_︎ _︎
The Uganda Voluntary Development Association, UVDA is a non profit organization, whose mission is to raise awareness about the necessity to protect, preserve and promote cultural and natural heritage in the country.


UVIKIUTA- Tanzania envisions becoming a Youth development organization working for Young people and their communities, promoting always peace, solidarity and sustainable development.

UVIKIUTA’s mission is to build communities that are self-reliant, able to address social and economic challenges by using available local resources. This is possible by provide holistic experience that will broaden minds, expand horizons and empower young women, men and the communities to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.



Astovot is the first volunteering organization in Togo, established in 1957. Its objectives are to contribute to local development through the participation of local and international volonteers to community work and to improve the living conditions of local vulnerable populations. It implements community development projects through education, health, environment and intercultural learning.

The international project IVS Mediafrica has been co-financed by the European Union, through the Erasmus+ program.


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