For the last episode,
back to East-Africa.
You meet up with Claire.

Do you want to start on a lighter note?

Caroline invites you to a comic video
where our African friends tell you, head on,
all the stereotypes that belong to the blanket term ‘mzungu’.


Before meeting Vera,
Claire decides to tell you more about her background.
At long last!

In a face-to-face interview,
she tells you how getting involved with the Uganda Pioneers Association
has helped her to go beyond her preconceptions
and develop as a person.


Vera is Hungarian.

For this photo essay,
she started conversations with Claire, Hoyse and Priscilla.
As she explored the evanescent outline of female identities,
she was soon entangled in the topic...


Before closing your adventure in the joyful final scene with Mathilde,
take some time for some political poetry!

>  ︎ <


Mathilde and volunteering.

Mathilde is a volunteer within the association Uvikiuta, in Tanzania.
She'll share with you what motivates/drives her,
her good moments, and also some harder times.
And guess what: She lives with Hoyse!

Your adventure is now finished.
Now it's your time to come and meet us!

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