After a long journey, you finally reach your destination. Sisié is here to welcome you.

She manages the Volunteers’ House of the nonprofit Uganda Pioneers Association, based in Kampala, in Uganda.
You are going to live in this house during the whole time of your volunteer assignment. You will share it with other international volunteers.


After leaving your luggage at the houseand starting to take your marks,
you will follow Sam.

Sam is the person in charge of UPA.
He’s also the volunteers’ mentor.
He is going to explain to you how to get around in the area.


How about a bit of football with the neighbouring school kids?
If you’re down with it, walk this way!


You meet up with Claire.
She introduces you to Tia.

Tia is Finnish. She has volunteered here for three months.
The three of you sit down in comfy garden chairs to chat
about how Tia's experience peeled away her prejudices.


You have now found your feet and you want to carry on with the adventure. You set off for Chapter 2.
Your plane has just landed in Togo.


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