Back in Tanzania, you meet Claire once again.
She introduces you to Hoyse, one of the founders of UVIKIUTA.

In 1991 the Tanzanian government decided to offer land to groups of engaged young people. The founders of UVIKIUTA were still teenagers at the time. They met each other in the church choir. Soon enough an idea came out. They wanted to start a vocational training project that could create employment for their members, as well as establish a collective ecovillage.

“We were young”

They started out with a small hut by the roadside that accommodated all the group. At the time, two members of the group left the country in order to find ideas in Germany and in Canada. Simultaneously, they both stumble upon the path of international volunteerism.

Step by step over the years UVIKIUTA has become an ecovillage and a cooperative with several activities: hosting events, landscape design, environmental rehabilitation and international volunteering.


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